How Do Windows and Patio Doors Impact Energy Consumption

Energy consumption affects the Philosophical, Financial, Physical and Social aspects of  our lives.  It is the end result of a balancing act, or a value equation that we use in considering the method, the cost, the quality, and the environmental impact of how we live.

The windows and patio doors that we at Jantek design, manufacture and install are at the core of that energy consumption value equation a homeowner or building owner must work through when researching a replacement window project.

Just how do windows and patio doors impact the energy consumption of a home or building?Over the last twenty-five years we at Jantek Windows have assisted thousands of our customers in understanding how to properly balance saving energy, capturing comfort and the cost of their replacement windows and patio doors.  The fact is that windows and patio doors impact well over half of a home or building's energy consumption (58% to be exact)! Here's a breakdown of an US Dept of Energy study of the impact on energy consumption of windows and patio doors by category:

  • Heating (23%)
  • Cooling (13%)
  • Lighting (18%)
  • Ventilation (3%)
  • Total        (58%) of all the energy consumption in a building

In fact, since buildings account for a whopping 40% of the US primary energy consumption, this translates into windows and patio doors in buildings (including homes) having an impact 14% of all the energy consumed in the US!

US Department of Energy Impact of Windows on Energy Consumption

We hope this has helped you understand just how important it is to consider the energy performance as you research your replacement windows and patio door project. Since we at Jantek Windows have worked with thousands of customers to  design, manufacturer and install high performance windows and patio doors,  we are experts on pretty much any questions you may have.  We are happy to provide you with information on high performance replacement windows and patio doors, and to assist you with any questions. If you would like to discuss your project and get a cost immediately  we are happy to provide you with a free no-hassle TeleEstimate/Virtual Estimate.

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