Getting Replacement Window Quotes?

Learn about the psychological pricing and hard-sell sales tactics some window companies use

If you’ve ever had an in-home quote for a home improvement project, then you know how it goes. Typically defined as a Residential Sales Representative, they bring

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If you’re looking to purchase replacement windows and patio doors, thermal performance, the Energy Savings and comfort maintenance capabilities of the windows and patio doors, should be a big consideration in choosing which brand to use on your project.


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Now that you have decided that you want and need to do a replacement window project, the next step is to figure out how you will pay for it.

The replacement window project financing question is something that you can

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Brick and tan sided home with gables and black shutters.

Window Shutters

Designed to be functional, window shutters seen today are a primarily a decorative feature that can be found on many homes.

Small, blue, solid wooden shutters.Window shutters were originally intended to provide security, privacy, and to provide added protection from the elements. Thermal, low-E

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Colonial home with green shutters and hung windows

What are Double Hung Windows?

What it means and how they work

It should be noted that a hung window means that the sashes are mounted within the frame and are engineered to open vertically. When it comes to hung windows, you’ll hear the terms

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Exterior view of white, five lite bow window with grids.

Bay or Bow Window? Learn the Differences

Bay and Bow windows have a long history in architectural design. These statement windows can be found in European castles dating back to medieval times.

When it comes to window replacement, you’ll often hear people using the terms bay and

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Shopping for new windows?

A different style window may be a better option

Assuming that you are not in in a HOA where the type or style of window is regulated, we recommend that you take some time considering if a different style or

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Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio door in white with prairie grids.

The Evolution of Energy Saving Sliding Glass Doors

Today, sliding glass doors are common in commercial and residential buildings; but did you know that evidence of sliding doors can be found as early as 79 A.D.?

Store doorway in Pompeii, Italy.Archeologists have uncovered channels

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Window Trends For Your Home- Then & Now

When it comes to replacement window trends, a few of the most common styles asked about are Double Hung, Casement, and Slider. These window workhorses have been around for ages and can be seen in both commercial

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What to expect when you replace your windows or patio door in a regulated community 

Planned communities or subdivisions have rules when it comes to doing any kind of exterior home improvement projects. While at times it may feel restrictive, … Read the rest