Shopping for new windows?

A different type of window may be the better option

Brown home at sunset.

Assuming that you are not in in a HOA where the type or style of window is regulated, we recommend that you take some time considering if a different style

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Sliding Patio Doors

The Evolution of Energy Saving Sliding Glass Doors

Today, sliding glass doors are common in commercial and residential buildings; but did you know that evidence of sliding doors can be found as early as 79 A.D.?

Store doorway in Pompeii, Italy.Archeologists have uncovered channels

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Window Trends For Your Home- Then & Now

When it comes to replacement window trends, a few of the most common styles asked about are Double Hung, Casement, and Slider. These window workhorses have been around for ages and can be seen in both commercial

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What to expect when you replace your windows or patio door in a regulated community 

Planned communities or subdivisions have rules when it comes to doing any kind of exterior home improvement projects. While at times it may feel restrictive,

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Jantek Industries Showroom Tour

Take a virtual tour of our Medford, NJ showroom with Jantek Product Specialist, Kelan. Here, Kelan talks about the windows and doors that we offer and reviews how they function.

Free feel to call us call us at  (609) 881-2400

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get them installed after I place my order? 

All Jantek windows are custom sized per your home’s requirements. Most standard window styles can be manufactured and installed in under 6 weeks.

How many days does it

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Scam alert

5 Red Flags to be on the lookout for when shopping for new windows

Most of us have limited knowledge when it comes to major home improvement projects, so it’s understandable if deciding on which company or products to use

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How do Sash Windows Stay Open?

Exterior view of light gray home with white double hung windows with grids

The Evolution of Window Counterbalance Systems

Cord and Weights

Old, window chain and pulley system used to keep windows open.The simple answer is, physics. Window manufacturers figured out long ago that by engineering a counterbalance system into the design the window will stay open at the desired height. In windows,

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Listen to this homeowner explain why she decided on enclosing her patio and why Jantek was the right choice the patio doors and windows. 

I just recently moved here from my house on the water, which had a beautiful sunroom,

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