Jantek Windows employee installers have installed more than 500,000 vinyl replacement windows and patio doors over the last 26 years so we’re kind of experts in our field. Over the years we’ve heard every window installation question under the sun.

1.) How long will it take to install my windows? An installation crew should be able to install around 10 windows in a workday. Of course this number could be significantly lower or higher based on the experience of the vinyl replacement window contractor you choose and the specific nature of your job. Conditions like accessibility of the window openings, the condition of the rough openings (eg. wood rot, opening out of square, etc.) could have an impact on the length of your installation. Also, if your house was built prior to 1978 It will require the contractor to perform a lead paint test on the work area. If lead paint is present, the installers must use EPA renovate right work practices which will slow down the work..

2. I don’t want to replace all my windows, what’s the minimum you will do? That is going to vary based on the window company. There are good reasons to do as many windows as your budget will allow at once. If an experienced installation crew can do about 10 windows a day, then a job with about 10 windows makes the most sense from the contractor’s job cost since it’s the most efficient use labor. It should give you the best pricing. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do less windows.

3. Is it better to wait for warmer weather to install my Vinyl replacement windows? The short answer is…No. The long answer is there is no reason that a window opening should be left open for more that about 10 – 15 minutes during the installation process. A well trained installation crew ensures that there is not much opportunity for the temperature in your house to be affected, be it the heater or the air cooling system. As an example before the old window is removed Jantek’s employee window installers check the opening for size and compare that to the replacement size to ensure that there are no issues (we like to call this “measure twice cut once!”). The installers will stage the vinyl replacement window or patio door near to the opening prior to removing the old one. Once the old window or door is removed the vinyl replacement window or patio door is immediately inserted into the opening and secured. This is repeated for all of the openings. When all the vinyl replacement windows and patio doors are set in their openings, the crew will seal and tirm the interior and exterior of all the window openings per the job requirements.

4.) Will you have to alter my current window openings to fit the replacement windows? It depends on the window company or contractor. At Jantek Windows all of our windows are custom sized to within 1/8” inch of your existing window openings. So there is never a need to alter your existing opening. If you purchase from a company or contractor that uses stock size windows or patio doors the installation crew may need to alter the size of your opening, either smaller or larger to make them fit properly and avoid leaks or operational issues. Depending on extent of these alterations, certain municipalities may require permits.

5.) What exactly is included in the price and what should I expect on the day of installation? Here’s what you should expect from the window company that you select. o Use US-EPA Lead Safe window installation process if Lead is present. o Remove your existing windows and patio doors o Remove and Replace shutters if present o Inspect and remediate any wood rot issues o Secure the new vinyl replacement windows into the existing openings. o Install exterior capping over any existing wood trim o Seal exterior to siding or masonary with exterior silicone caulk o Finish trim and use paintable latex caulk to seal window interior o Clean up and vacuum interior o Clean up all exterior debris o Remove all old windows and doors and debris from property. o Perform a written multipoint job inspection upon completion of work. o Review of the product and the installation warranty and Parts and Service process o Have you Execute the Certificate of Completion for the job prior to collection of any balance due.

6.) Will I be able to reuse my window coverings? That depends on 3 things.

1. The type of window coverings.

2. The depth of the opening or "pocket” measured from the interior wall to the exterior stops.

3. If the frame is thicker than that of your old window, there will be some “loss of sill." The space between the frame of the replacement window and the interior wall will be narrower. The space may still be enough to reuse your window coverings. If your window coverings are anchored on the wall surface outside of the window pocket, you will be able to reuse them.