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Our TeleEstimate is an easy online form that allows us to provide estimates that are accurate, easy, and safe for homeowners. No need to measure, just provide the number and style of window or patio door and we can email you an estimate. We rely on fair, honest pricing, not high pressure in-home sales tactics.

Historically, to get an estimate on replacement windows you would have to schedule an appointment for a salesperson to come out to the house. If a homeowner was looking get multiple estimates on a project, the process could take weeks and would require homeowners to carve time out of their busy schedules for the appointments. 


Because Jantek designs, manufactures, and installs our own products we can provide quotes based on the number of windows, regardless of size or style. No salesperson will visit your home. 

The price stays the same if you change the model or style of window.

Prices will change only if your requested features change. EX: Adding grids, or going from double to triple pane glass. Or if there is work that is previously out of scope such as major rotting, or other unforseen issues.

Major rotting or other unforseen issues could also change the price.