Garden Windows- Miniature Greenhouses in your Kitchen

Whether You’re a Next-Level Cook or a Green Thumb Gardener, Garden Windows are Kitchen Windows That Give Back 

It’s no surprise that kitchens top the list when it comes to home renovation projects. Homeowners have been investing in reimagined layouts, voice activated appliances, and accessories that work for how their family lives. What you may find surprising is, that more people are choosing to replace their standard kitchen windows garden windows.

What is a garden window?

Kitchen garden widow in white with plants and flowersTypically installed above the kitchen sink, these mini greenhouses allow your plants to “step outside” and capture more of the sun’s energy and warmth than a standard windowsill could provide. Similar to a bay or bow window, garden windows protrude from the home’s exterior. Unlike a bay or bow window, garden windows provide additional light and energy because the sloped, top portion of the window is also glass. This unique feature, along with the trapezoidal side casement windows, allows light to reach the contents of the window throughout the day and from multiple angles. 

Benefits include:

  • Fresh herbs all year long, right at your fingertips.
  • Get a jump on spring plantings by starting seeds earlier.
  • Extra light- Garden windows flood the room with natural light.
  • Energy efficiency- Properly constructed and installed, garden windows use the latest technology to sustain insulation value.
  • Added space for cookbooks or collectibles.    

Avoiding Obstacles

Because garden windows extend beyond the plane of the home’s exterior wall, homeowners should be cautious of potential hazards if they are installed on a first story where they could be a hazard in frequently used walkways, or where children play.

Allow more time for garden window manufacturing. These specialty windows require the use of a custom made, solid wood buck frame to support the weight of the unit. Depending on demand, getting a garden window made and installed could be up to 12 weeks.


Because it is a custom-made unit, your garden window exterior can be manufactured in the color of your choice.

The optional, removable tempered glass shelf can be used to hold more, shorter plants. Without it, the window can accommodate taller plants.

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