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EnergyMiser™ Casement & Awning Replacement Windows

Custom Casement & Awning windows can be ready in approximately 2-weeks from the order date.

Casement windows open at the vertical line of the sash. They are ideal in narrow spaces and can used by themselves or, they can be paired with other window styles. You’ll often find them flanking a fixed picture window in Bay or Bow windows. 

Casement windows windows bring fresh air into a space as the opened, outward pane “catches” the breeze. Opened by turning the single, heavy-duty crank mechanism, our Casement windows open to 90-degrees for maximum ventilation. Security features include a single lever locking device that engages at multiple points along the window frame.

All Casement windows are manufactured using our proprietary  EnergyMiser Technology.

Awning windows are hinged at the top of the window sash outward at the bottom. This allows for ventilation and protection from rain.  Because these windows can be placed higher on a wall than most operable windows (while maintaining privacy), they are often installed in bathrooms and bedrooms. Optional, obscure or “frosted” glass can be used for added privacy.

Jantek awning window security features include a single lever locking device that engages with our heavy-duty keepers at multiple points along the frame. 

All Awning windows are manufactured using our proprietary  EnergyMiser Technology.

Our Product Specifications list both standard and optional features, as well as performance ratings. Watch our demonstration videos on this page to learn more about our Casement and Awning windows. 

Casement & Awning Window:

  • Prices start at $462 for Double Pane 53 *UI and includes all Standard Features.
  • Prices start at $482 for Triple Pane 53 *UI and includes all Standard Features.

*UI = United Inches and is the industry's standard form of measurement.  To calculate a window's UI, add the desired width and height, in inches.

Standard Features:

  • All awning and casement windows are custom manufactured to your specifications or job requirements.
  • Soft Coat, Low-E Glass 
  • Fusion welded, multi-chambered 3 1/4" vinyl master frames.
  • Fusion welded, vinyl sash frames.
  • Interior and Exterior heavy duty bulb seals extruded directly into the frame.
  • DuraSeal warm edge spacer.
  • Heavy Duty crank & hinge operating hardware design.
  • Multi-point locking system with easy, single lever design.
  • Aluminum frame screen with polypropylene mesh.
  • Casement window opens a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning.
  • Awning window has a maximum clearance hinge for easy cleaning.


Download Casement Window Product Sheet

Download Awning Window Product Sheet