Helping You Succeed with Our Contractor Program In Medford, NJ and Surrounding Areas

We welcome building and remodeling contractors who want to install Jantek Windows in their projects. You'll be glad to know you're getting exceptionally well-made window products with discounted pricing. As a matter of fact, we have a contractor program from Medford, NJ, designed for professionals just like you.

Our business is windows and patio doors, but we're contractors, too. We're an EPA-certified RPP Firm, Installation Masters Certified, and a Licensed New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor, so we understand the business as you do.

Know that you have our support with the following services:

TeleEstimate/Virtual Estimate

Get back to your customers quickly with quotes. Just reach out to us for a free TeleEstimate/Virtual Estimate.


Contractor Pricing

Join our Jantek Industries Licensed Contractor Pricing and Support Program. Members get special discounts on all of our window products. You can save as much as 30% off of retail prices.

Sales & Marketing Support

Sales & Marketing Support

Our company gives sales and marketing support to licensed home improvement contractors. We make brochures and other sales tools available to you. And, our factory is open for tours and our showroom open for seeing our products up close and getting answers to your questions.

We're invested in your success, so we give you information about our product performance, government regulations, stimulus provisions, and energy savings. Let us assist you in making your bidding process professional and effective. Take advantage of our conference rooms to meet with clients and ask our technical staff to be on hand to answer your client's questions about the windows.

Operations & Logistics Support

Operations & Logistics Support

Let us give you the advantage of our expertise. We manufacture all windows and patio doors to 1/8 inch of the make size to make installation easier and reduce costs. Those windows you order from us are ready within five business days. If you would like, we can deliver to job sites within a 50-mile radius of our factory. Then, too, you can consult with our window design and installation team by phone or request an onsite visit within that 50-mile radius.

Technical Services

Technical Services

We can lend our experts to you. We can meet with you at our Medford office. We're ready to assist with design, estimating, submitting bids, and give onsite technical assistance.

Contractors contact us today so we can help you with discount prices on our windows, as well as sales and marketing support.

You must be a licensed Home Improvement Contractor to participate In Jantek's Contractor Program. For more information contact us at (609) 654-1030 x13