The Best Windows & Patio Doors For Property Managers Made In Medford, NJ

Let us work with you to replace problem windows and patio doors in the apartment or condo complex, school, or professional building you own/or manage. At Jantek Windows, we help our clients to plan, design and install our replacement windows and patio doors in multifamily residential or light commercial applications. We can do the project all at once, or a few at a time. It’s up to you.

You’ll be glad to learn you’ll be dealing only with professionals from our company throughout your apartment or light commercial remodeling project. There are no middlemen as we design, manufacture, and install our products. In fact, our installation teams are all employees… we do not use sub-contractors, because we need to have control of the work to ensure quality and your satisfaction.

Your Own Window Project Manager

Call us to ask about various window products. We assign a project manager to you, who’ll work out the details and schedule based on your needs. You can replace a few, many, or all of the windows at the building or complex. Jantek’ employees design, custom make and install the replacement  windows for you, making it even simpler and more convenient to work with us.

And, all of our windows are custom-made to fit the space and engineered to be highly energy-efficient. With us, you save money on windows and energy consumption, and your tenants will be much more comfortable.

Cash Flow Project Program

We want you to replace the windows at your complex with ones that offer quality, affordability, and durability. This is why we make our Cash Flow Project Program available to multifamily and business property managers. You may not be able to put new windows in every unit. Instead, we work with you to come up with a budget and installation schedule that takes care of this apartment or building remodeling issue. In addition, we still give you our volume discount.

Reach out to us to ask about our cash flow program.

Also for a Free TeleEstimate/Virtual Estimate on windows and patio doors with installation services. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding our prices.