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Let The Consumer Beware…


A couple of months ago I posted an article on the Jantek Windows blog that stressed the importance of consumers vetting any contractor that they are considering for their replacement window and patio door project. Last month a very high profile event occurred in the replacement window and door industry that underscores the intent of that article. Caveat Emptor.

A very large, national, Home Improvement “big box” retailer agreed to pay a fine of $20.75 MM, the largest such fine settlement ever, to the EPA and US Department Justice, for its failure to follow the EPA’s  Lead Paint Rules in violation of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

Specifically, the settlement resolves the company’s repeated violations of the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting or RRP Rule. The rule requires all contractors (yes ALL) to test for the presence of lead based paint before conducting home renovations for homes built prior to 1978. The company that was the subject in this case uses subcontractors exclusively in their remodeling and installation work nationwide. In violation of the law, they utilized sub-contractors that were not EPA certified.  They did not test the job site for lead based paint before doing the work as required. They did not follow EPA lead safe work practices to avoid spreading lead dust and paint chips during the work.  They did not perform a lead clearance after completion of the work.  These violations put the company’s customers, especially small children in these buildings and homes, at risk of exposure to lead inhalation or ingestion.

Checklist items #6 and #7 in my blog article for Jantek Windows  “The Ultimate Replacement Window Contractor Vetting Checklist” have the consumer specifically asking for copies of the  contractor’s and subcontractor’s  required EPA Lead Certification credentials and appropriate information about the how the contractor is supposed to test and complete the work should lead paint be found.

The facts in this high visibility case illustrate that Consumers should do their homework. Certainly, they should not be so enamored with the big corporate names to the extent they are moved to blind trust and do not ask the important questions up front.

You can download a copy of “The Ultimate Replacement Window Contractor Vetting Checklist” at www.jantekwindows.com.

Comparing Vinyl vs Wood vs Metal vs Composite Windows and Patio Doors

As a replacement window shopper, you may know that there are four types of replacement window and patio door frame material types: vinyl,  wood, metal and composite.

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5 Things Every Replacement Window And Patio Door Shopper Should Know BEFORE They Receive an Estimate

Ok, so you've finally decided this is the year for replacement windows and patio doors in your home or building. Great! I want you to know this article is specifically written for you, the replacement window and patio door shopper.
Because buying replacement windows and patio doors is something we don't get much practice at, many people frankly go about it the wrong way. This is understandable; especially considering "How to Buy Replacement Windows And Patio Doors" is not currently part of any high school or college curriculum across the country.

But we live in a day and age where information abounds at every corner. And with such information now available to everyone, the replacement window and patio door shopper of today is nothing like the one of just five years ago. However, with more availability of information comes with it more of a responsibility on the replacement windo and patio door shopper's part.

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How To Compare The Insulation Value of Wood, Metal, Vinyl and Composite Window And Patio Door Types and Brands

Of course Energy Savings and Comfort are two very important criteria as you determine the best replacement window and patio door type and brand for your project.  But how do you compare the ability of the different types, styles and prices of windows to deliver on that important objective?  Vinyl clad wood windows, Metal windows, and Vinyl windows vary greatly in how they provide energy savings and comfort. In fact windows made of the same frame materials, like the vinyl windows we design and manufacture here at Jantek Windows can vary greatly in energy and comfort performance from those of other manufacturers. So how do you compare your options with regard to this important criteria?  In this article I will give you a simple way to compare the insulation value of any window or patio door your are considering. All you need is one number and a calculator. Let’s get started.

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How Do Windows and Patio Doors Impact Energy Consumption

Energy consumption affects the Philosophical, Financial, Physical and Social aspects of  our lives.  It is the end result of a balancing act, or a value equation that we use in considering the method, the cost, the quality, and the environmental impact of how we live.

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The Importance Of Warm Edge Spacer Technology Explained

by Frank Giuseppini

As you do your research on the product portion of your replacement window and patio door project, you have probably read or heard some window retailers state that the window and patio door products they are quoting utilize a “Warm Edge Spacer.”  So why is that important?  Well, let’s explore what warm edge spacers are, and the answer to that question will be clear. 

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The Case For High Performance Vinyl Energy Star Replacement Windows

"Wow!" you say, as you come to the realization that you have a lot of choices as to the style, brands and materials that you select for your replacement window project.  As we covered in our article on The Cost of Replacement Windows and Patio Doors  there are distinct differences in the cost of replacement windows and patio doors available to you. But, the cost is just one of the important considerations you should have.  Another is the energy efficiency and comfort performance of the windows and patio doors. We at Jantek  want you to understand why that is, and so here we go!

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How To Use NFRC Factors To Compare Energy and Comfort Performance Of Window And Patio Door Brands

If you're going to purchase replacement windows and patio doors its very important that any window or patio door you consider be certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).  There a two reasons why.

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Replacement Window and Patio Door Financing

Episode #1: How Do I Finance Replacement Windows And Patio Doors?


Now that you have decided that you want and need to do a replacement window project, the next step is to figure out how you will pay for it.

The replacement window project financing question is something that you can answer only after considering all the available ways to pay for your project against your personal financial situation.  I’m writing this article to give you some background as to the nature of replacement window financing based on how the process has worked for the thousands of replacement window projects that we at Jantek have completed over the last 25 years. Continue Reading

Answering Your Vinyl Replacement Window and Patio Door Installation Project Questions

       By Frank Giuseppini

Do you like the idea of having new affordable and energy efficient vinyl replacement windows and patio doors but aren’t sure what is involved in the installation process?  

With us at Jantek Windows being the only vinyl replacement window and patio door manufacturer with employee based installation experience (more than 500,000 vinyl replacement windows and patio doors installed over the last 25 years), we’re kind of experts in our field. Over the years we’ve heard every installation question under the sun.

 If you have concerns about how vinyl replacement window and patio door installations are done, keep reading because we’re answering the most commonly asked vinyl replacement window installation questions to help you decide if vinyl replacement windows and patio doors are a good choice for your home or business. 

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