Architectural Shaped Windows Made in Medford, NJ, for Your Home or Business

Architectural Shaped WindowYour home or business has the bonus of having architectural shaped windows in Medford, NJ. What beauty these add to your home, whether the window is octagonal, arched, round, or half-round. At Jantek Windows, we’re in the window products business. With our knowledge and experience, we design, build and install custom windows that meet your specifications.

You don’t have to worry about your new window fitting into that octagonal space overlooking the stairwell. We take the measurements to deliver a window that offers a tight fit, as well as excellent performance. As we also do the installation, our team makes sure of the fit — to keep out the elements and ensure comfort inside.

In addition, we make all of our windows according to environmentally friendly standards. This means using technologies and materials to produce a window that conserves energy. This includes the design and materials, especially with the use of Energy Miser II™ Glass technology.

These specialty windows provide visual appeal and are in and of themselves a unique selling point for your home or business.

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