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 You know that Jantek's super energy saving windows will lower your utility bills, but a major apartment remodeling, and/ or  a major window replacement project may not be something that you feel is financially prudent right now.   So, that much needed window replacement project is all but impossible at this time… right?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

 JANTEK Industries is committed to a new approach to multifamily window replacement.  Since Jantek manufactures its own windows, we are unique as a window replacement contractor.  Jantek will work with you to replace the leaky, energy wasting windows in only a few of your apartments at a time. You will still get Jantek’s renowned Energy Star® certified windows at our low multi-family “volume discount” price, just as if you were doing the entire complex at once.

Jantek has designed a way to work within your cash flow, to replace the windows in just a few apartments each month. Maybe we just replace windows as part of a remodel in “turnovers”, or maybe install replacement windows for “the squeaky wheel” residents who seem to have the most issues with their windows. Or maybe it’s a combination of the two.  It is entirely up to you. You choose the pace of replacement that best fits your cash flow and the needs of your property and residents. That way you can be sure to lower both, your energy costs and vacancy rate while not blowing your budget.

If this program sounds interesting to you,  contact us  to find out more about how Jantek can work with you.